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A city tour in London
Text and photos: Eckart Winkler, Bad Nauheim, http://www.eckart-winkler.de
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Common and touristic Information about Great Britain


Big Ben - Trafalgar Square - Covent Garden - Piccadilly Circus - Soho Chinese Quarter - British Museum - Tower and Tower Bridge - Buckingham Palace - Hyde Park - Royal Albert Hall - Modern high rise buildings and much more

Travel data
Date of the journey1994/2019
Duration14 days total
Report online since02.11.2019

The British capital is certainly one of the top destinations for city tours in Europe. The weather is usually not as bad as its reputation. Only one should not be afraid of big crowds, because London is always full. Here is a brief overview over the main attractions of London.


City West
Victoria Station Victoria Station:
One of London's major train stations. This is where the city tour starts for many.
Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace:
The official residence of the Queen is rarely seen without tourists. Mostly they wait for the changing of the guards. You are not allowed to enter normally.
St.James's Park St.James's Park:
Located right next door. A nice green area with pond and beautiful views on Buckingham Palace.
Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square:
One of the big squares of the city. Noteworthy are the National Gallery, the Church of St. Martin in the Fields and the 50m high Nelson's Column.
Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone:
This multilingual stone carved text enabled the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The stone can be found in the British Museum.
Whitehall Whitehall:
This road leads south to other attractions.
Downing Street Downing Street:
The traditional official residence of the British Prime Minister. Of course, the street is closed, normal people are not allowed to enter.
Cabinet War Rooms Cabinet War Rooms:
Here was the British command center during the Second World War. Meanwhile, it may be visited.
Big Ben Big Ben:
One of the city's most recognizable landmarks, but the tower is currently being renovated.
Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey:
The most famous church in the city is in a sense the church of the British monarchy. Here the kings and queens are crowned and buried.
Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall:
The major concert hall near Hyde Park has seen many well-known musicians. Even Alfred Hitchcock has given a memorial to it with his film 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'.
Marble Arch Marble Arch:
This triumphal arch is also close to Hyde Park. Nearby is the famous Speaker's Corner, where anyone who likes is allowed to held a speech.

City East
Tower of London Tower of London:
Its origins go back 1000 years, it had many uses, such as residence of the British emperors, but also prison and execution site. Today it is one of the top attractions in the entire kingdom.
Tower Bridge Tower Bridge:
Located next to the Tower, it is the most famous of London's bridges over the Thames and is one of the city's landmarks.
St.Pauls's Cathedral St.Pauls's Cathedral:
The cathedral is one of the largest churches in the world and is the seat of the London Bishop.
Bank of England Bank of England:
The ground floor has no windows and few guarded doors. It is therefore no coincidence that it is often used synonymous with safety.
Guildhall Guildhall:
It was the Town Hall of the City of London, but today it's a picture gallery.
Millennium Bridge Millennium Bridge:
Opened in 2000 as a pure pedestrian bridge, it was nicknamed Wobbly Bridge because of unexpected fluctuations. The fluctuations are now fixed.
Cleopatra's Needle Cleopatra's Needle:
The obelisk on the banks of the Thames has nothing to do with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, but the ship that brought it to London had this name. It was a gift from the Egyptian government.
Victoria Embankment Gardens Victoria Embankment Gardens:
A little peace in the hectic bustle of the big city. Mostly locals stay here for a shortbreak.
Covent Garden Covent Garden:
Covent Garden is an own city district, but it usually refers to the Covent Garden Market, a worth seeing historic building, which has many arts and crafts stands, but also fruit and vegetables, as well as restaurants and cafés.
Leicester Square Leicester Square:
The center of filmmakers in London. In particular, it is the large premiere cinemas that surround the square, but even without a premiere, it is always full.
Soho / Chinatown Soho:
London's Chinatown is not very large, but you can always eat well here. Unless you do not like Asian food.
Picadilly Circus Picadilly Circus:
Known for decades for its oversized neon signs, there are always numerous street performers, and you will never be alone.

The modern London
The Shard The Shard:
The tallest skyscraper in the United Kingdom is south of the Thames. It contains office space, luxury apartments and a 5-star hotel.
The Gherkin The Gherkin:
Belongs by its form to the more unusual skyscrapers. Gherkin is just a nickname and means cucumber.
Leadenhall Building Leadenhall Building:
Measures 225 m and is located in the middle of London's financial district. Also this one has a nickname, namely 'Cheese grater'.
One Blackfriars - The Vase The Vase:
Even the 'vase' has an unusual shape. Official name is One Blackfriars.
0 Fenchurch Street, auch The Walkie-Talkie oder The Pint / und andere The Pint:
Modeled like a beer glass is The Pint on the right, some call it Walkie-Talkie. Left again the Leadenhall Building and in the middle The Diamond.
London Eye London Eye:
One of the biggest Giant wheels in the world. Despite gigantic admission prices, you do not expect a fast ride, but a magnificent view.
Banksy Tunnel Banksy Tunnel:
In the former road tunnel under Waterloo Station, anyone can become a graffiti artist, even if it is otherwise illegal. It is only difficult to find free space.

What else...
Fußball-Schals Fußball-Schals:
Whether Chelsea, Arsenal or rather Manchester City or United? Everyone has their favorites here. Only Liverpool is currently sold out.
Pub Pubs:
Belong to British culture. Whether for the After Work Party or later in the evening, it's a must to visit one of them.
Royal Guard Royal Guard:
A colorful spectacle.


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