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*** New english travel reports and photo series since 02.11.2019 ***

This is new: My travel page that exists for about 20 years in german language is now going international. The first reports were translated into english, and I hope you like it. All the numerous reports will be added step by step. So please come back if your favourite travel destination is still missing at the moment!
*** New photo series since 02.11.2019 ***

A city tour in London: The British capital is certainly one of the top destinations for city tours in Europe. The weather is usually not as bad as its reputation. Only one should not be afraid of big crowds, because London is always full. Here is a brief overview over the main attractions of London. More...
*** New travel report since 02.11.2019 ***

Inverness, gateway to the Scottish Highlands: Inverness is very pretty. The town has 40,000 inhabitants, so it is still small enough not to sink into big-city bustle and traffic. And it's big enough to offer everything a traveler could wish for: easy access by public transport, excursions in all directions, shops, pubs. More...
*** New travel report since 02.11.2019 ***

Highland Games in Inveraray: We go to Inveraray for the Highland Games. We have heard and read a lot about these traditional competitions in Scotland. Now let's take a look at them ourselves. We see and hear bagpipe players tuning their instruments or warming up. Everywhere you see and hear the players in full Highland gear with kilt, hat and bagpipe. Big shambles of familiar melodies. More...


    More to come...

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