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Arches and natural bridges in the western US: From Monument Valley in the south we drive towards National Bridges National Monument. The distance is not too far, but the track is spectacular. Right at the beginning we are heading for a rock face, and you do not see where it could go on for a long time. At 11 am we arrive at the Natural Bridges National Monument, which contains three of Earth's largest natural bridges.More...
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Canada: Vancouver Island: Around noon we are at the ferry port Tsawassen for our crossing to Vancouver Iceland. Victoria is by far the largest city on Vancouver Island. Of course it is the capital of the island. And - this may be surprising - it is even the capital of the province of British Columbia. We walk past the nearby City Hall with the Centennial Square to the China Town. A typical Chinese gate with a typical Chinese name. More...
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Canada: The Icefields Parkway: We spent three days in Jasper, the "capital" of Jasper National Park, and now we're heading south to Banff. The route is supposedly the most beautiful road in Canada, and so we want to take much more time than the coaches that they usually complete it in one day. Our first destination is Mount Edith Cavell, the highest mountain in the area. More...
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Northern China: Beijing, Xian and surrounding areas: Like a lindworm, the Great Wall stretches thousands of kilometers through the landscape.
Certainly this is the most famous Chinese monument. And, according to astronauts, the only structure that can be seen with the naked eye from the moon. How long it really is or has been, is controversial. More...
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A city tour in London: The British capital is certainly one of the top destinations for city tours in Europe. The weather is usually not as bad as its reputation. Only one should not be afraid of big crowds, because London is always full. Here is a brief overview over the main attractions of London. More...


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