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The US is a country of superlatives. It has about four times as many inhabitants as Germany. But that's nothing compared to the area, which is 27 times the size of Germany. The variety of landscapes is correspondingly and correspondingly large are the distances that one has to cover here on a journey.

Famous are the numerous national parks, especially in the west. Many would be worth a trip of their own, they are so unique. Of particular note are the Grand Canyon, the largest gorge in the world, Yosemite National Park with its rock faces and waterfalls, and Yellowstone National Park with its geothermal activities. Numerous geysers, boiling lakes and bubbling mud holes can be seen there.

The USA is also known for its sport. At the Olympics the country is always at the top of the medal table. Then there are the big four team sports: basketball, ice hockey, baseball and American football, the latter having very little in common with european football.

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