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The China Route
Text and photos: Eckart Winkler, Bad Nauheim, http://www.eckart-winkler.de
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...on the road - Travel reports and more
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Common and touristic Information about China


Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Leshan - Lijiang - Dali - Kunming - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guangzhou - Hong Kong - Macau


Short info

Our stay in China was a booked group trip. Since this was part of a longer trip, we booked the flight separately. The group trip started on the 3rd day in Beijing and ended on the 24th in Hong Kong. The additional nights we have organized locally, as well as the onward flight in a travel agency in Hong Kong. Travel time was June / July. Transport took place by chartered bus and public transport, we stayed mostly in customary hotels, partly in hotels with "international standard".

The route <
TagPlace, routeAktivityRoute/time
1.Tag Flight BeijingFlight 
2.Tag BeijingTiantan Park 
3.Tag BeijingLama Temple 
4.Tag BeijingImperial Palace, Beihai Park 
5.Tag BeijingGreat Wall, Summer PalaceBus: 180km, 5h
6.Tag Beijing - XianConfucius Temple, night train to XianTrain: 1110km, 14.5h
7.Tag XianBell Tower, Drum Tower, Great Mosque, Small and Big Wild Goose Pagoda 
8.Tag XianTerracotta army, Stone Age village BanpoBus: 140km, 3.5h
9.Tag Xian - ChengduFlight Chengdu, city tourFlight: 600km, 1h
10.TagChengduExcursion Leshan Big BuddhaBus: 320km, 9h
11.TagChengdu - PanzihuaChengdu Old Town, night train PanzihuaTrain: 1200 km, 16.5h
12.TagPanzihua - LijiangBus LijiangBus: 380km, 11.5h
13.TagLijiangOld Town Lijiang, concert Xuan Ke orchestra 
14.TagLijiangJade Dragon Mountain TourBus: 100km, 2.5h
15.TagLijiang - DaliDali bus tour, city tourBus: 130km, 4h
16.TagDaliBoat trip Erhai LakeShip: 30km, 6h
17.TagDali - KunmingBus trip Kunming, city tourBus: 300km, 9h
18.TagKunming - GuilinStone Forest, flight GuilinBus: 120km, 3h; Flight: 750km, 1h
19.TagGuilin - YangshuoGuilin City Tour, Yangshuo Bus Tour, Moon Mountain TourBus: 40km, 1h
20.TagYangshuoBoat trip Li RiverShip: 100km, 7.5h
21.TagYangshuo - GuangzhouBus ride Wuzhou, night boat Guangzhou (Canton)Bus: 300km, 8.5h; Ship: 250km, 14h
22.TagGuangzhouCity tour 
23.TagGuangzhou - HongkongTrain ride Hong Kong, city tour KowloonTrain: 140km, 2h
24.TagHongkongKowloon Park, Harbour City, etc. 
25.TagHongkongTour MacauShip: 140km, 2.5h
26.TagHongkongVictoria, Victoria Peak, etc. 
ges  Bus: 2010km, 57h; Train: 2450km, 33h; Ship: 520km, 30h; Flight: 1350km, 2h

Distances und durations are partly estimated. Distances are rounded on 10km, the durations on half an hour. Local rides are not included.


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